For the past 35 years Micro Technic has provided hardware custom design for a broad range of customers in Denmark, Europe and in the US. We serve a variety of industries, offer them a value added proposition in projects requiring custom solutions.

Micro Technic offers a world class team of engineers with design expertise in high performance embedded computing, power supply design and industrial control systems.

We understand the drive to cost-reduce products for medium to high volume applications, or to create unique designs in specialized applications such as telematics, traffic information systems or implementation of PC technology in industrial control systems.
We also recognize the difficulty of finding a vendor who can offer all the design disciplines and electronics manufacturing under ‘one roof’. We provide a 'complete solution' with focus on "Design for Manufacturing".

H/W design

Micro Technic offers a Custom Design and manufacturering (EMS) using existing core designs to create cost effective OEM products.

After an initial project discussion, Micro Technic supplies comprehensive functional design specification along with the sales proposal.

If you have project on hand but are lacking ressources or simply want to exploit the advanges an outsourcing strategy offers, then please do not hesitate to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. us and learn more about our capabilities and experience within your project..