Coating of PCBs

Micro Technic has an extensive experience in moulding of print circuit boards. Amongst others, we have handled the moulding of more than 1.000.000 No Noise PC fan control units. Additionally we have a number of customers for our Plastic70 or 3M deepcoat coating offer. We also provide UL coating for print circuit boards.


Our facility for coating and moulding are constructed according to the standards for ventilation. All employees doing the coating and moulding have received special training and courses within this field.


Moulding of electronics using epoxy, silicone, macromelt, etc.

Micro Technic have a vast experience in moulding electronic. Moulding is specifically applicable when the electronic is installed in very harsh environments (eg. chemical industries, farms, etc) or to avoid condensation issues (outside installations, humidity exposed installations, etc.).  Additionally, moulding is used for protecting the electronics design, making it impossible to see the construction.