State of the art THM assembly line offers mass production in small scale.

Leaded assembly on 2-band conveyor system

Micro Technic AS has a modern production facility (built in 1999) and state of the art equipment for   electroinics manufacturing. Combined with our highly qualified staff we can offer our customers continuous supply of products in consistently high quality, delivered to the agreed price and just-in-time.

Our production has a an automated assembly line for thru-hole components (THM), where the components are mounted manually, and the PCBAs are placed on a dual band conveyour system.

Barcode scanning before automatic retrieval of the specific soldering profile


We have a fully automatic wave soldering process for all THM components, mechanics (heatsinks, etc) thru an automated barcode based palette system, where all board specific  soldering profiles are  retrieved and  logged. 

This conveyor system is ideal for a production characterized by a high mix of print in small to medium batch sizes'