Functional testing creates customer satisfaction and saves costs

Micro Technic offers a complete functional test / final test of all types of electronics products (PCBs or systems/devices). Depending on complexity, we can offer a full functional test, in which all electrical functions are tested before delivery. We also test specific PCBs before the final assembly into the chassis/box/device. After the assembling of the fournished device, we are able to perform a Burn-in test in our special facility for this.
Before packing and shipping, we can perform a final test and inspection, ensuring that everything is ready for the end-user of the product/system.
Our test department offers all types of functional testing, ranging from "Bed-of-Nails" solutions, standard test systems, PC-test systems and custom designed test systems.
We also have the opportunity to offer pre-load of the the software, image-loading and pre-install applications and operating systems.
The advantage of functional testing is that the customer receives a fully functional PCB / device and do not need to have an internal entrance control. Furthermore, it also provides faster response time to the production in case general errors (eg. mounting of incorrect components) in the production.
Micro Technic can store test data on our servers enabling your company to track individual test results to specific PCBs.
We also have the opportunity to develop specific test systems for our customers, through our engineering resources in our hardware development department.


Schaffner Testing

Schaffner 6500: Programmable function tester for automated test and PC-based test systems. We can store test reports for all products on our servers, which means test data can always be retrieved upon request. We have the possibility to assist with design and construction of test systems based on product documentation submitted to us.



Burn-in test facility


Burn-in test facility for testing of print boards and assembled apparatus

Our burn-in room offers stress and heat testing including load testing at high temperatures. Individual test conditions are determined in cooperation with the customer.