GSM Alarm for your properties 


Survey your assets easily through your mobile, smartphone or tablet!


iSwitch-on is an easy-to-use GSM switch/relay and alarm system for surveillance, alarm transmission, heat/aircon control and general remote control for all your premesis, assets and possessions using SMS messages.


If you want to switch on the heater in your summer residence, your caravan/camper or your boat or yacht in advance before arriving, just send an SMS from anywhere in the world. Additionally, you and your friends can receive an immediate SMS in case of burglary, loss of mains power, fire or any other alarm condition of your own selection.


You simply use your existing mobile or smartphone/tablet and install a pre-paid phone card in iSwitch-on to keep implementation easy and at a very low cost. A pre-paid phone card will last for a very long time, because only few short SMS messages are transmitted back to you. No proprietary software or expensive subscription needed. No special skills or training needed either - If you can send a normal SMS, you can operate iSwitch-on in minutes.


Through simple SMS messages, you can command your iSwitch-on to send back any data you might need. What is the actual temperature in my summer residence or my caravan/camper, or what is the wind speed just now in the marina, where my boat is? All these versatile features and many more of your own choice are implemented in just one easy-to-use low cost unit.


Installation guide and configuration manual is available in both Danish and English

Installation guide, Englishim_iswich-on_din6_r1_en

Installationsvejledning, Danishim_iswich-on_din6_r1_da


Configuration manual, Englishcm_iswich-on_en

Konfigurationsvejledning, Danish - cm_iswich-on_da



iSwitch-on is avalible with two diferent enclosures. DIN6 is for DIN rail mounting (indoor use only). IP65 is a water resistant enclosures that is optimal for outdoor use.