Quadband 850/900/1800/1900 MHz GSM/GPRS, Built-in antenna, Mains 8-30Vdc, 4 x Digital inputs, 2 x Analog inputs 0-10V, 0-20mA or temperature sensor, temperature sensor with 2m cable, 2 x relay outputs SPDT 250V/10A, Battery back-up, Heat/aircon control, Burglar alarm, Neighbour watch, Mains power supply supervision

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Heat/aircon control
Connect your heater or aircon directly to the iSwitch relay output (up to 250Vac/2300W) and the already supplied temperature sensor to an input and send one simple SMS to iSwitch to tell, which setpoint temperature you want to have in your summer residence or caravan/camper – that’s it. iSwitch will act as a thermostat, and you will arrive in a comfortable environment. You can set alarm levels for high or low temperatures and receive an alarm SMS, if the values are exceeded.

Burglar alarm
Connect different types of sensors (PIR-detectors, door contacts, movement sensors, infrared photo cells or other alarm systems) and eventually alarm horns/sirens or lamps, and get an immediate SMS, if you are being burgled. A copy SMS can be sent to your friends or neighbours, too.
Just send an SMS to arm the iSwitch burglar alarm when you leave, and send another one to disarm, before you enter your house again.

Neighbour watch
Come to an agreement with your neighbours to install an iSwitch in each house and set up a list of phone numbers, that should be alerted in case of burglary or any other type of alarms, for example Personal emergency alarms or mains power fail causing your freezer to heat up and ruin the content.

Mains power supply supervision
iSwitch has a built-in backup Li-Ion battery and a mains monitoring software, which will automatically send an SMS alarm in case of failure and send one again, when mains recovers again, so you will know, whether your freezer, heater or pump is working or not.

General remote control and supervision
You can control any iSwitch output and read any input connected at any time by sending individual SMS commands or requests. You will immediately receive an acknowledgement with the latest data back on your mobile or smartphone/tablet.

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    • Quadband 850/900/1800/1900 MHz GSM/GPRS modem

    • Built-in GSM antenna

    • Mains 8-30Vdc , 3W power supply, built-in

    • 4 digital inputs for sensors (PIR, door contacts etc.)

    • 2 Analogue inputs 0-10V, 0-20mA or temperature sensor

    • 1 NTC temperature sensor, 2m cable, included

    • 2 Potential free relay outputs SPDT, 250VAC/DC, 10A (resistive load)

    • Battery back-up for more than 1 Hour (standard)

    • Support extended operating temperature range of -20°C to +70°C 


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Brochure -  (English)

Brochure -  (Danish)

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Installationsvejledning - im_iswich-on_ip55_r1_da (Danish)

Configuration guide - configuration_guide_iswich-on_r1.2_en (English)

Konfigurationsvejledning - konfigurationsvejledning_iswich-on_r1.2_da (Danish)





iSwitch-on can be controlled with the Android 

App called iRemote

Get the app at Google Play 





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4 2 - 8-30Vdc 2 x 250V/10A